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Christine Day brings the latest teachings and messages from the Pleiadians. She holds the platform for us to move into our enlightenment in this lifetime. This is our destiny. The key to this is accepting our humanness; embracing ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Christine channels and shares her experiences to assist us in moving towards our own self acceptance and awakening.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Hello, I am feeling an excitement and quickening in my Heart as we move into December. The Pleiadians are telling me how essential it is that we all prepare for the new energetic dynamic that will be presenting within the planet and giving us new access to many multidimensional doorways that open at New Year.

There will be a higher profile of light frequencies exploding onto the planet as we are repositioned when this vast frequency of energetic light anchors on Earth. We will all be launched, reconnected and aligned to these new frequency settings, opened up into another multidimensional framework experience of awakening within ourselves. This is a monumental time for us, as our planet transitions.

As you open up within your Hearts, you will begin to experience a shifting in time so it is imperative to develop your connections through your Heart center leading into the New Year. We each need to move beyond the limitation of the old timelines and open up into moments of a higher frequency understanding that exists within our Heart’s.

There are sacred activations to take place, a series of high level frequency energetic notes will flow from your Heart that carry the vibration of your unique, multidimensional nature. Your frequency essence will be released outwards and you will be received, recognized by the collective energy within this Universe.

I am preparing for my trip to Australia, to Uluru and am anticipating taking a huge step forward as I move into the transforming frequencies of 2020.

After New Year I will be travelling into the Red center of Australia to Uluru, which is a sacred and powerful Aboriginal site. This is where there has been a reopening of a corridor to the sacred higher dimensional access of the Dreamtime consciousness state, and this is to take place at New Year. This happening is an aspect of the original prophecy from the ‘New Dawning’ energy set in motion by the Pleiadians.

“Anangu legends say the rock of Uluru was created at the beginning of time by ancestral beings. Uluru is regarded as physical evidence of the ancestors’ activities during creation. The elders believe that a significant shift will take place when the Saturn/Pluto gateway reopens at the time of New Year. A cosmic umbilical cord is prophesized to unite heaven and earth and perfection will spread throughout the world. In Aboriginal cosmology the clever men once had the ability to move up and down between the worlds via the umbilicus. As our consciousness declined, humanity lost that ability this is the time for the reinstatement of our multidimensional abilities.”

Uluru generates electromagnetic energy that can be tuned into allowing individuals to align to their own healing and life purpose within the frequency of this powerful center. The ancient energies will awaken allowing for a dynamic multidimensional personal change.

Alisa and I will be engaging within in these realignments, re-orientating back to the place of higher dimensions where the ancient inhabitants worked within the sacred corridors of Uluru.

We will be trekking around the base of Uluru where the ancient seven sister caves exist, which were settled by the Pleiadians many eons ago. I know that I return to this place to reorient myself further to my original Pleiadian frequency. We will be spending the first ten days of the New Year in the Red center of Australia and I know this will be a life-changing event.

This is a sacred time as we are led to the very edge of 2020. Know and hold the Truth of our collective interconnection that exists between us as we individually step forward into our higher nature. Simply let go and Be!

Love and blessing,


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  1. After all that , the information from numerous sources, I have this troublesome thought.What if, at end of 2020 we will say what was it all about as things seem to b e pretty much the same. Echoes of the 2012 fiasco.


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