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At unawakened and awakened state, we know of LOVE. We may feel it’s energy, we may surrender to it, or choose to resist it, yet it is always, eternally present.

As we become a higher and higher energetic frequency of energy (Hz), with a human form, we embody, become, more and more of this force of energy we call “LOVE”. What was felt as LOVE at our previous human state, ALWAYS evolves, becomes more. So we embody MORE degrees (power) of LOVE. We are embodying more of the Creator’s energy, before it divided into facets of Light. LOVE is God’s/Source/Creator’s energy.

LOVE is an energy. It is not finite in it’s strength. We receive more of this energy, the more we become capable of absorbing more of it, through BEING it as our chosen energy frequency. The higher in energetic human Hz we become, the more of Creator’s energy (we call it LOVE) we absorb. So what LOVE is, as a human idea or concept, becomes known within us to finer and finer degrees, as we embody, layer after layer of the understanding of “LOVE”. We become that energy more and more, to ourselves and all things.

Our body and mind becomes an open vessel for the Source energy of “LOVE” to run through, expressing OUT. LOVE does not cling, or own, it flows as the river. Just like the waters of a river, LOVE gives it’s waters to the knowing and the unknowing, the rich and the poor, to all creeds, to the healthy and the sick, to all ages, to all kingdoms, equally, and effortlessly. For just as water touches any ‘thing’, LOVE flows, so does not discriminate to that which it gives to.

LOVE gives, because it’s ENERGETIC SIGNATURE is designed to express OUT. This is natural FLOW, Creator’s design of all. A being in forgetfulness, that chooses to not give Love to itself within, or to it’s selves without (you are all), resists the very force it IS and returns to becoming. Until it surrenders within it’s own timeline.

LOVE is the force energy responsible for, residing within, and behind, the natural EBB and FLOW of all creation. It resides within every rhythm and vibration. It is the force within the IN breath and the OUT breath, and the SPACE in between each breath. It is within every microcosm and marcrocosm. It is the over-residing force, seen and unseen, of ALL creation.

As we evolve, returning to the energy we always were, are and shall be, we evolve our connection to the energy of LOVE. No longer hidden within, we allow that expression OUT, because IT is our NATURAL State of BEing. What we perhaps chose to hide (thinking by the mind to hide is to safeguard our Love), evolves into stronger feelings that no longer can be hidden. That force evolves into words spoken of LOVE. Yet there is so much more of LOVE to BE. We express OUT our love through touch, yet there is also more than the beautiful expression of touch as LOVE. The higher we go in Hz, the more expressions of LOVE as an energy force are KNOWN consciously, by us WITHIN. So we express PURER and thus more powerful LOVE energy OUT, closer and closer in it’s form of ENERGY to the purer state of being. We become more consciously aware, and more capable of EXPRESSING Creator Energy, OUT. As the Conscious ENERGETIC body (spirit), we utilise the human vessel and it’s five senses to navigate the world of solid form. Yet as the ENERGY of our spirit body, as that purest love, we can emit LOVE to that which sees, and that which does not see yet.

LOVE is an energy we get to feel to greater and more profound degrees. Yet it is designed, to be expressed OUT. In feeling it, we are unable to contain it long term. It will be expressed OUT. In that expressing OUT, in it’s purest form, we are ENERGY CREATING, in our own awareness, in wakefulness and remembrance of what we are. Where we know, see, realise, that Unconscious creation comes only from the mind. Conscious Creation is at ONE with the the heart, at ONE with Creator. Our return to natural BEing, that is at ONE with the ever PRESENT FLOW of no “Time”. Conscious Creation is born of LOVE.

To let Love guide you, frees the mind.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
7 September 2019
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