Alternate Parallel Worlds – by L’Aura Pleiadian


Moving in and out of parallel worlds, the transitioning in the moment through the heart opens you up to what you are.

The connectivity of all that you are seeds itself through your heart flame as your choices expand the relative parallel worlds you enter consciously.

As you transverse this frequency highway, the expansion of awareness becomes the imminent totality of expansion in all parallel worlds and universes simultaneously.

It is as if the very breath of life, expands upon itself.

In this is the key and link.

Merge consciously with the unity that exists in your awareness now and allow its relative expansion to be your only resting place.

As your heart awareness expands in this way, so does the awareness of all that you are.

We live and breathe in many universes and there is no difference to what you call your past or your future. We transverse all now.

The connectivity of the frequency highway, is the you riding it.

In this we awaken all those asleep in the dream of forgetfulness.

For the heart is all there is and reveals the truth of your true nature, to all that dare live in this sacred space.

In this we activate you NOW, in love, through your heart all Now.

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Author: Higher Density Blog

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