L’AURA PLEAIDIAN – 11:11 – YOU AND YOUR LIGHT BODY – 11-11-19 – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure





Harmonic Convergence Ceremony – 11:11 Holy Spirit Manifest

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L’aura Pleiadian


11:11:11 ~ The 11th month, the 11th day, the 11th hour. It is no coincidence these sacred frequencies belong to the remembrance of what others have gone through. To their selfless acts, to the end of war. To peace and love, all now.

The eternal portal you wish to be activated into, is that of harmonizing with your Light Body.  This requires the internal state of being in harmony for that actualization to take place within you.

To harmonize with your Light Body is to be in ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR eternal consciousness as light. Your Light body is harmony,  is light and exists beyond time and space as you know it.

This eternal GLORY of you as your Light Body exists now. 

It is this alignment and unification with the Human aspect of you in form with your Light Body, that you desire.

11:11 ~ enter sacred space. Enter your heart. Enter the eternal portal of your unification to the New Earth/5th Dimensional Being, you so desire.

How to get from your head to your heart? Create sacred space as the container of you through all of your experiences, through every breath, consciously. 

Even the focus on this and repeatedly bringing yourself back to the awareness of this, is the process of your Ascension and complete unification, through your heart.

Be conscious, be selfless in that, the human you that wants things to be a certain way for you, releases its stronghold and attachments to control and power over the heart.

No matter what one attains materially ~ it does not bring the fulfillment of the heart and life plan/soul/destiny. Which is why you are here. And will continue to be here, till you complete your agreement.

Ultimately this is a surrender. And allowing, your true self, to take over. Your true self is through your heart and eternal. So this 11:11 ~ experience, is of that. For that, is that, eternally.

It is you to you, the human you to the eternal you, the accessing of this, is through your heart. The unification is the sacred marriage, is the sacred space, is the fulfillment and GLORY of your Light Body, your Love, your Divine Ascended Being, all now.

Hold this sacred space as the awareness that unifies you to you. You with your Light body. You with your complete transformation. You with your eternal Light and Divine Presence. Through love. In love, we The Divine Council of Overseers, initiate you now.

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Grace Solaris

It is time to return the power to the people… to the one in the many and the many in one. It is time for the 144000 to rise.

Enough is enough it is time to declare this phase of thousands of years of patriarchal dominion for cancelled and nullified. No more allowing ourself to being silenced or blinded. We are the full disclose. We can no longer sit back and wait for something or someone to change. The change starts within you, within each one of us. It starts by taking back and reclaiming our sovereignty, our voice and our original divine spark of light divine blueprint. It starts and ends with each of us healing the battle within between our divine feminine and masculine aspects, the rift between our heart and mind, that was installed many thousands of years ago in the era of the two high civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

As most of you know these two civilizations degraded over a period of time from within the very core…. infiltrators polluted the hearts and minds of the priest/priestesses, that held the vibratory rate of the highest truth and purest essence alive within the purity of their hearts…. the holy Maxin flame….. the 1st light …..that had been burning since the beginning was becoming weaker and weaker, as the priesthood became deeper and deeper infiltrated by lower vibrations by a collective entity, a race of galactics, that aimed at taking over the planet for the means of using it for their experiments and personal agenda. Their love for power was insatiable and ruthless till this day. They disrespected all cosmic laws and planted seeds of suspicion, mischief, distrust and rivalry from within the priesthood to create division and uproar, which from there extended to encompass the whole nation and slowly but steady a complete degradation of consciousness happened as the people got more and more disaligned from their heart and the divine principles…. as they started to follow their intellect and to follow the new way of thinking, which was based on full patriarchal dominion, where the intellect and logic was honored as the highest principle. Mostly out of fear more and more people… even the highest initiates in the priesthood got weak and submitted to the fear programming with silent acceptance, as everyone that didn´t comply were named and shamed and put under suspect. This programming is still intact today and it is vital, that we heal all the wounds, that our bodies hold from this time, that is still keeping us in fear of rising to our power, fear of rising our voices and speak our truth.

The Infilitrations of the lower frequency manipulative programming has been going on much too long. It is controlling our governments, the media, the film and music industry, it has infiltrated the pharma industry even the educational system and the mind of each of the 9 billion people on this planet… apart from some of those millions of pioneers of light, that have/are working diligently on clearing the old programming and upgrading their dna. Time now to make a total quantum shift and allow for full disclosure. The only way this can happen is thru reclaiming our power, our sovereignty and divine intelligence master blueprint. It implies a declutter and cleanse of our system, our dna and cells of all manipulative programming devices and an upgrade of our body back to oneness. To unite all polarity within, to forgive and give way for divine union within. It is for each of us to do this.

The Reemergence of the Goddess and Return of the Motherland divine feminine principles of divine harmony.

Beloved family of light, beloved Atlantean and Lemurian sisters and brothers you are invited to this predestined gathering of ancient souls to heal the ancient rift within self and within the crystalline grid of Gaia and unite your masculine Atlantean aspect with your feminine Lemurian aspect to allow for the heiros gamos of these divine principles in their whole (healed) form, which is mandatory for the actualization of ascension… your source monadic essence of ecstatic bliss union to descend into embodiment.

Tomorrows 11:11 portal is a most pivotal opportunity to do this, as our divine intent is magnified to the max and empowered by the momentous incoming energies of high vibrating supersonic photonic light, that are extremely supporting in dismantling the most rigid and densest of energies and the veil is at it thinnest. The incoming keys and codes are orchestrated to create transmutation and to dissolve the old structures within self and within the collective. Whether we are aware of this and working consciously with transmuting ourself, it will happen with or without our consent …. as the higher intelligence works for the highest good of all and follows a higher evolutionary plan. Resisting will make this decluttering process more challenging…. we can no longer comply and accept and live in denial of what our heart knows to be true… time to stand to our truth and to embrace the truth no matter how much it may hurt to face it…. when we face our greatest fears, we empower ourself and will rise in frequency to a whole new consciousness. No more dimming your light and hide… time to stand up in your true might.

It is time to return the power to the people… to the one in the many and the many in one.

This transmission will catalyze a quantum shift in consciousness and transmute the cataclysm imprinting within our cells and being and within the planetary body and crystaline grid. A rebirth of beloved Gaia into her true grace and glory. The effects of this healing will evoke and accelerate your conscious memory of who you truly are and activate the record keepers within your body, that holds the divine blueprint of Atlantis and Lemuria, so that this galactic wisdom can flourish and blossom within your consciousness and come to surface, so that you may serve this planet in divine humility in complete coherence with divine will as the Cosmic Christ you came here to be. It will as well trigger and activate ancient memories of spiritual talents and tools and they will be revealed as you need them in your spiritual service, when ensured you will make the right use of them in accordance to divine will (and never again for egoic agendas). It will empower you to step forward in your true might and own who you are without fear of repercussions. You can come out of your hiding. Time to go centerstage into your wildest dreams and heart visions of the new Atlantis and Lemuria united, the new heaven-on-earth. You signed of this if you are here at this time as a pioneers of light. Already over 600 devoted pioneers of light, starseed rebels and light revolutionaries have signed up. Please join us. You make a difference.

There will be a guided meditation for this transmission.

Please sign up by clicking on link below, if you are ready to reclaim your magnificence and divine inheritance. Hail Atlantis, Hail Lemuria. Hail New Heaven-On-Earth. You are the return of the cosmic Christ, the unification of the divine feminine and masculine Christ.


Grace Solaris

Note: Please share this healing event far and wide as it is a deep and ancient collective ancestral wound, so the more the merrier to trigger the 100th monkey effect and thus catalyze a global massive quantum brake thru. The exponential effect of great gatherings like this are creating massive ripples of awakening throughout the crystaline grid! So thank you for passing it forward.



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