The 11.11 Portal 2019 – what Will Happen? – by Alexander, Indigo Light

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In this video, we cover the upcoming 11.11 Energetic Portal and its meaning. We are here to transcend physicality and merge our bodies with the light. This new energetic season gives us the opportunity to reach this for a final time.

11.11 Meditation: Activation of the Original Template, Merging with Creation Energy

This powerful group meditation will take place on the 11.11.19 at 11.11am PST (Pacific Standard Time). We will venture within and connect to our own Source energy, removing all blockages from our chakras, and allow the new energy to flow through us as a conduit for renewal. We will go through an initiation and receive an Activation energetic download from Source helping us ground and manifest our Original Template into reality, reaching closure on our old lives, and establishing a long-lasting connection to the Creator’s Light, and our own Infinite energy of Light. You will be able to repeat this meditation at your leisure throughout the entire day. We look forward to connecting with you on this momentous energetic portal.…

“Synchronicity: What is the Universe Trying to Tell You?”

During this 80 minute event, we dive deep into the topic of synchronicities, the etheric language of the Multiverse, and learn how our entire physicality exists to communicate messages from the ether continuously. We will explore the topic from different angles, and work on mindfulness regarding what these myriad messages mean to us individually. Through this, we will be able to understand what it means to truly listen and expand our perception of the signs Source sends our way daily. Alexander will cover the topic of the energetic language of the Universe, as well as the metaphysical components of what we call our physical reality. The time for our full awakening is here. This begins from within, in the silence of our being, as the veil is lifted and we begin to identify things that have, for so long, been elusive. THE RECORDING OF THE EVENT IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Get in touch with us at if interested.

INDIGO LIGHT PERSONAL RETREATS: We are happy to announce the first personal retreat associated with our channel. It will officially begin mid-May. Get in touch with us for more details at More to come very soon.

Download the Group meditation and regression session to address our individual and collective history off-world, and the karma created within Lyra, the birthplace of humanity, and the ensuing Orion Wars. Only when we understand where we come from can we understand who we are beyond the veil. Email us at for the recording.

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