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About the guest: Peter Smith is the author of “Quantum Consciousness – Journey through other realms”, the creator of the Quantum Consciousness Experience, and Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness. He has trained and accredited a network of Consciousness Facilitators who continue to expand the research base of this remarkable field of work.

He previously created the Hypnoenergetics® modality, blending Hypnotherapy, Energy, and Consciousness into a series of therapeutic techniques that have been life-changing for many. He trained a network of therapists across Australia and New Zealand and his first book “Hypnoenergetics – The Four Dimensions” has reached audiences around the world.

Peter has always been inspired by his work at The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI). He was President of the Institute from 2009 till 2019 when he was asked to take on the role of Director of the Newton Legacy, a role created to uphold the philosophy and integrity of Michael Newton’s life’s work. Peter was awarded the Peggy Newton award for outstanding service to TNI in 2013 and has trained LBL Practitioners and Teachers in different parts of the world since 2006. He speaks regularly at various conferences, on radio programs and has participated in a number of documentaries both in Australia and overseas.

Peter’s previous background was as an executive in the Australian Banking Industry. He served for over two decades with one of Australia’s leading Banks, before starting his own Change Management consultancy focusing on values-driven organizational transformations across Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Peter undertook post-graduate studies at the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of NSW, studied different forms of Hypnotherapy in Australia and the USA. He has written many articles over the years for publications like; Nexus Magazine, Alternate Voice, The Llewellyn Publishing Journal, Psychic news UK and has a regular column in The Newton Institute Journal. He is a co-author of “Memories of the Afterlife”, the final book in the best selling Life Between Lives quadrilogy.

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