NATALIE GLASSON – The Chalice of Our Relationships – by Celestial White Beings

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The Chalice of Our Relationships by the Celestial White Beings

Natalie Glasson OmNa

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The Chalice of Our Relationships by the Celestial White Beings Channeled through Natalie Glasson Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


The Chalice of Our Relationships by the Celestial White Beings Channeled through Natalie Glasson –Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Greetings beloved beings of light and truth, we are the Celestial White Beings. We are a soul group that was present at the birth of Mother Earth and we have enrolled to support her ascension and all present upon her.

We hold a strong connection with Atlantis, as our energy was grounded into the Earth at that time so many could benefit from our guidance and wisdom. We continue to heal and unravel stagnant energies from that time to bring healing and sustenance to the now reality you are experiencing. The Earth and all upon her are constantly moving into new phases of ascension, each phase has a different focal point. Each area of focus is orchestrated to create the most beautiful and relevant blossoming within all upon the Earth.

The current phase is centred around relationships, inviting you to consider your position in the world and your view of the world unfolding around you. The world around you is your mirror, allowing you to gaze deeply into the truth of your being. Are you happy with the world around you? Are you willing to accept your connection with everything and everyone? Even if it feels like you are a million miles away from the world you view.

Are you willing to recognise that even small shifts, transformations and openings within you will positively impact the reality around you in magical and awe-inspiring ways? We, the Celestial White Beings, feel it is time to more deeply realise your relationship and connection with the world around you, not only as an individual, as a collective/community also. In doing so you will become aware of and access your inner power. A power that is all knowing, doesn’t need the guidance of your mind and can create shifts beyond your imagination. Extract from White Beacons of Atlantis by Natalie Glasson, Page 133: (Link to find out more and purchase the book – ‘In every relationship and interaction with ourselves and others energy is created which is a combined synthesis of the energy and wisdom each person is willing to share.

We can imagine … Read More at… You are souls who has experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis; to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. The conflict between spirit and technology led to the fall of Atlantis, and that experience is still held within your soul and consciousness.

Earth and humanity have reached a pinnacle point that is identical to that of the decline of Atlantis. You have the power to complete the purpose of all Atlanteans by creating healing and freedom while erasing the catastrophic effects Atlantis imprinted on all civilizations that followed it. Now is time to heal Atlantis within you and to manifest an era of love, peace, and unity as you fulfill your original Atlantean contract. . In these pages, Nara, a High Priestess of the Celestial White Beings Temple in Northern Atlantis, shares the moving account of her lifetime and experiences of the fall of Atlantis. Written in novel format, this exhilarating and enlightening true story also offers practical guidance and exercises to heal and reacquaint you with your own Atlantean lifetime. • Discover, receive healing and enhance your connection with the Celestial White Beings • Explore and heal your Atlantean self and past lifetime • Access your Atlantean sacred abilities • Shift the consciousness of Atlantis embedded within humanity’s current reality • Nurture your soul through connection, exploration and soul sounding • From divine and sacred soulmate relationships • Connect with the seeding of creation • Understand and heal the fall of Atlantis • Awaken your self-love • Cultivate relationships with the Unicorn and Fairy Kingdoms • Support the ascension of the Earth, humanity and your soul in this earthly reality

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