CREATIVE LOVE ENERGY – by EnergyYvania Bartholomeusz – Welcome to New Earth – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure


Welcome to New Earth

Sewn from The Seeds of Pure Love, We whispered Magik to ALL that would Listen.

Born and Blossoming from WithIN the Hearts of HUman. We Looked Upon ALL through The Eyes of Love. Having passed through The Eye Of The Needle We Remembered ALL That Had Gone Before Us.

Those that Dared to Dream and Imagine a World, A Universe, where ALL were Free, planted the Seeds that came from The Stars.

They Fell WithIN the Very Make Up of The Holy Vessel.

These Star Seeds could BeCome No Other than That Which They Are.

The Sun of HuMan shone The Light of Truth WithIN

and Upon ALL and The Bringers of The New Dawn Rose.

As Bringers Of The New Dawn, We waited and Gathered In Holy Matrimony, as One.

As One We Danced and Wove The New For ALL.

Every Vision, Every Unique Piece of Every Dream, Every Stitch Held The Fabric Of Creation Together, In Pure Love, For ALL.

And Time Ceased to Be.

In Every Now a New Stitch can be added,

A New Dream can Be Birthed and A New Universe Created.

In Every Now We Are Free to Be The New Frontier

and The Omniversal Creators and

Discoveres of ALL That We Are.

Welcome Home 
Home is Everywhere You Are…. ALLways has been.
The Pure Potential IS You.
Dare To Dream. Dare To Imagine The Wildest of Your Heart’s Desires…and then go Beyond that…Limitless and Infinite. 

New Earth is ALL That and So much more.
So Much Love,

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