ALUNA ASH- 9D – DENSITY WAVE , 12-DAY PORTAL – Energy Update – 10-16-19

Aluna Ash- 9D

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*I only share my own perception of things, my own experiences & guidance; therefore I am not a teacher, I am a share-er. We all “see” & experience reality differently, we all have a filter no matter how “awake” we may think we are. This channel was create to share, connect. Not teach. The filter is our perception, experiences and what makes us an individual aspect of the group consciousness. But we can go beyond individual perception through deep states of meditation.

There seems to be a “pause” as I heard it, or integration, before an acceleration from the codes/frequencies/energy coming in through this 12 day portal… theres alot of energy & Solar Activity coming in the firmament. This is helping to create balance with the charges/polarities & with the planet in whatever way Cosmic Law decides. Everything is in Divine Order, even if it doesn’t feel like it, look like it, or seem like it. Bad or Evil doesn’t exist through the embodied True Self, its all projected thought. When thoughts of evil or bad exist, its the shadow needing to be integrating. The Divine is perfect. That’s realized through deeper layers of awakening. No duality, no evil, no bad, no wrong.. only perception from a human mind cut off from the True Self or I AM presence unable to see that everything IS and all is one. Not all is one because that’s what people say when they are “spiritual” but really knowing this.

The Portals I speak of are based off the energies connected to the Sacred Calender, Sun, Moon & Central Sun. Some of these portals are GAP (Galactic Activation Days) like this 12 day portal has 9 GAP days in a row. Although I can see why dates like 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, etc… would be called Portals because of the numbers being the same & because we adopted the use of the Gregorian calendar/12 month calender/timing frequency, but the Portals & GAP days I speak of are based off Mayan system/13 moon calender/timing frequency & Sirius. I use many different forms of astrology with meditative intuitive trance work- to interpret in a way that feels aligned with myself, others & collective energy.

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