Aqualine Central Sun Frequencies – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – by ‎Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – Elder of the BlueRay Council – 10-8-19

Aqualine Central Sun Frequencies – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – by ‎Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – Elder of the BlueRay Council – 10-8-19

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – Elder of the BlueRay Council

Greetings dear StarONEs,

With love We come to remind you about what is unfolding,

We know dear ones, that you have been under a lot of pressure and pain recently and some of you have being “flat out”. Remember – diamonds are also formed by compression. And, this intensity is not going to disappear. The ripples have become waves and waves became tsunamis. And it begins with willingness, with intention, with you, right here, right now.

Starseeds are the first waves of conduit for transmitting the ascending Aqualine Central Sun frequencies into the earth.
You are the natural conduit for growing these frequencies and as you anchor these plasma infusions onto the surface grid, this also served to repair damaged networks. As you communed with these blue plasma energies you gradually removed all that is artificial or false, restoring to activate your Monadic and Kristic Heart original Blueprint.

You are in the beginning of a continuous reconfiguration of the Hu-man-ETs Collective by the Cosmic energy flows emanating from the Center of this Galaxy upon the Sol system. Divine alchemy occurred new Light Codes activating within and without the Krystaline Heart as the body anchored the new Krystal Star Consciousness.

This was achieved by the constant gridwork involved of many Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Wayshowers, Codebearers whose mission was/is the rehabilitation and recoding of the damaged Planetary Grid Network. There is still much more to do with resetting the planetary grids into compatible messaging exchanges needed to communicate with the Guardian Races. The Krystal Star presence is beginning now to rehabilitate the organic Timelines for the Ascension timeline made for preserving human sovereignty on Earth.

Keep up the GOD work!!!

For now, what is ask of you is simple; to be Living your life in truth of Divine Self. Have courage, this rage of the heart from its passion, and Take heart in the knowledge that time is your ally in this necessary SouL-Hu-tion to the New Gaia Tara.

All you ever needed is contained within you and all you need to do is believing in your abilities to manifest. You have been challenged, and you have stood your ground and healed. Now you are opening to receive all that you are. Trust in the process that all is being revealed and manifesting with divine timing.

Remember, your Heart is the key to awakening to a Higher Consciousness. See your Self as a beacon of Love and Wisdom into this reality. Let go of your doubts and seek to Love no matter the challenges you must face. Shift your gears into the Dimension of Pure Love. This is a commitment to your Divine Purpose..

Be the example and live your life with gratitude….Kindness is contagious. These changes may require that you move your body physically or geographically for this is a NEW PARADIGM, a new chapter in your life journey.

Indeed you have come a long way and you are remembering who you are and why you volunteered to be here now.
Humanity is Awakening at an exponential rate your world is aligning with Divine Truth.

In ONENESS, One Consciousness
Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay
Guardian of the Mother Arc
Elder of the BlueRay Council

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