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n this video, Beverly shares a message from the Galactic Council.

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A Message from the Galactic Council (A group of 1400 beings from 90 races) Channeled by Beverly Nation 9-9-19

Beloved Earthlings, We are a collective of non-human incarnated beings of many races. Representatives of our collective races have banded together to form a council to advise humans. Why do we desire to offer guidance? Because we have been through the stages you are currently passing through in your evolution. We have sat where you sit. We understand what is about to unfold for you. Most evolutions for any race of beings have similar characteristics. We are familiar with them and feel that our guidance and perspective will be beneficial for you all. As you move into the 5th dimension, you will experience many changes. Many have told you this. What we want to point out regarding this truth is that the changes will be most evident in your personal life. Remember that global changes begin at the personal level. So, while you may not see many governmental changes, you can recognize changes within yourself. Personal changes are evidence that government changes will one day manifest. Everything begins with a person. Everything starts inside of you. You are manifesting the New Earth. It is not something that has already been created and will be shown to you in its fully manifested form. You are manifesting it in each now moment. So, to see massive changes among countries, societies, political systems, and governments, you must start with yourself. The changes within you ripple across your reality. When you choose kindness and take action on that choice, you set a precedent that allows someone else to be kind and show a kind deed. You are creating new patterns for all of humanity with a single action. We are not sure if you can understand the power of this teaching. We observe humans making choices and taking actions with little thought or contemplation. We see humans going through their day reacting to everything. Reactions do not change the world. Reactions enforce what is already in place. The precipice of change hinges on the moment you do not react, and instead, think about your next act. Take time to think about what you should do next. Whatever someone says or does to you is not a reason for mindless reaction. Your responses set a precedent. If you want to change your world and manifest the new Earth you must think. Stop and think. Ask yourself, what is most beneficial for me at this time? Should I respond at all? In some cases, the best way forward is to ignore what was said or done to you. You do not have to act upon everything that happens to you. Learn to observe. Perhaps a response is required. What kind of response should you give? Should your answer come from a place of ego? Should your response be one of retaliation? Should your response be one of anger or hatred? You are moving into an energy of love, kindness, and acceptance of all. Can you accept that everyone will not agree with you? Can you accept that people are different than you? Can you allow someone to be expressive in their own way? Can you respond with kindness when presented with anger? Gentleness is a sign of strength. Humans are programmed to fight, roar, and use force. In actuality, the greatest power is kindness, love, and gentleness. It is in silence and not clashing. Breathe in that strength. Breathe in silence when you want to react. Breathe in calm and release the reaction from your ego. All this is possible for you. As you make thoughtful choices and take contemplative actions, you will change the world. It starts with you. – End of Transmission

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