ALEXANDER – A Creation Turning Point is Upon Us – 8-22-19

Indigo Light

Published on Aug 21, 2019

This August monthly channeled message brings to our attention, what we need to be mindful of this month, the energetic importance of the 22nd, and the next chapter that is upon us, with the rejuvenating Creation energy that it brings.


Through this event, we will cover the tools and understanding necessary to properly integrate the powerful frequencies enveloping our planet at this time. These are actively asking for a fluid passage through our energetic vessels in order to settle within our DNA. What we perceive as symptoms during upgrades and activations is often down to resistance, and fear, manifesting on a subconscious level that prevents us from being in acquiescence. This prevents us from allowing ourselves to be filled with light. We will learn how to work with Guidance, LOVE, and energetic tools, through this guided event and meditation. The more we release and embrace our gifts, the more powerful we become. So many of our gifts lay dormant, waiting to be awakened through this process. The time for this is now.…

BALANCING AND MERGING THE FEMININE AND MASCULINE WITHIN The recording of Friday’s Balancing and Merging the Feminine and Masculine within is now available. For inquiries, send us an email at

The Law of Attraction Demystified session recording is now available. We have all heard about the Law of Attraction, and engaged in some of its proposed mechanisms, with the hopes of creating a new reality for ourselves. Yet, we often discovered that things can be more complex than initially presented. This event will highlight the intricate process of creation, not as one of attraction, but one of mindful and present manifestation, partly through release and cooperation with Source, and partly through the molding of our physical and quantum realities. We will cover the tools necessary to do so and to begin creating anew. Enjoy the trailer and email us at for the downloadable file.

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Download the Group meditation and regression session to address our individual and collective history off-world, and the karma created within Lyra, the birthplace of humanity, and the ensuing Orion Wars. Only when we understand where we come from can we understand who we are beyond the veil. Email us at for the recording.

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