Eileen Meyer – Restoration of the Feminine – 8-9-19 – via Koyopa Rising


Art work by Rassouli.com

[Since 2004, these decoded transmissions began coming through verbally. Prior to that time, the downloads were scratched out onto many notebooks in the form of drawings, words, and pure poetry. Understand that this is transcribed from recorded speech, so at times I have to add punctuation, pauses… and very minor edits to help it flow on the page. This Voice has spoken of the return of the Feminine often, and likes to emphasize that it may not be what you think.] ~ Eileen

“This is big, as you say. It is so big that the mind cannot wrap itself around it. The mind will never wrap itself around and contain the feminine… So it does require a surrender of sorts to trust that when you welcome this presence into your life, into your body, into your being, that it will find balance.

You are dependent on your structures, on your world views to keep your sanity, as you say. Staying in this limited place at this timing creates quite the opposite. You are moving more into insanity for these feminine waters of life are flowing in. Whether you personally are prepared for it or not… it is the timing. This is the intersection where all will come back to balance and new creations will be born – from the foundation of full integration, wholeness. It is a whole new experience for you.



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