FREEDOM – by Maureen Moss – 7-31-19 – via The Earth Plan

Artwork by Jetter Greene

FREEDOM – by Maureen Moss – 7-31-19 – via The Earth Plan

2020. Now. 

Source: Maureen Moss

Clearly the switch doesn’t exist to turn off the unstoppable energies ramping up once again with the Black Super Moon on Wednesday in the midst of the Lions Gate open portal and photonic Light streaming from the Sirian Sun and a timeline jump already into the 2020 transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.

What I realized this past weekend was to understand what is happening somehow makes all of this a bit easier…super heroes that we already are. 

The vast majority of the incoming energies, codes, waves and impulses we are dealing with are Freedom Codes. They are coming up from Earth and pouring from the skies, continuously. Some days they are blissful, other days pushing the boundaries of conscious expansion. 

All the energies incoming are leading us into what we have never had here on Earth. Freedom. And, its uncomfortable to deal with what we never had as juicy and enticing as the mere thought of Freedom is. 

Freedom has no history here on Earth. And to have it is a call to awaken more deeply into impeccable fortitude, purity and integrity in alignment with an Immaculate Condition. To reach it is Enlightenment.

Freedom is a call to Life in ways we haven’t known. It is more than, “I can do anything I want to now.” Freedom (in part,) means we have full control over our lives, however it involves total liberation from fear, from past and future and every nuance of duality. 

Freedom (and liberation) calls for Self-Realization of the Sovereign Soul through the application of LOVE. And it means that every aspect of our personal experience is a completely impersonal affair… for once it involves another we begin the dance of duality.

It means we are called to have relentless though graceful strength, clarity, and perhaps above all no doubt and no need to know. 

And it means we are free from all temptation, zeroed in on our inspirations and passions and stronger than the lesser mind, impulses and desires. 

Freedom requests a tremendous commitment from us in more ways than we have previously been committed to in part due to our inability to quite know 
which struggle to give up first…rather than how much Love can we manifest for ourselves, how deeply intimate can we become with our Souls and overcome the challenges to find an immovable trust in the core of our Being and stay there.

Freedom has long been our goal, though first there had to be great Self revelations stabilized…unleashing the shadow and brailling our way through our lives to get to it and yield to a greater force— sovereignty.



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