Tracey Malloy – Clearing your personal space and raising your vibration – Energy Flows .org – 7-14-19

Tracey Malloy – Clearing your personal space and raising your vibration – Energy Flows .org – 7-14-19

In this section we will discuss clearing your personal space and raising your vibration. I will cover why, how, when and how to avoid having to do this often. We will be discussing the use of tools here to create Sacred Space, please understand tools are just that, a tool. As you use them you will find you do not need to use them as often. I have in fact cleared someone using a paper plate and a dollar store synthetic feather. There are many many many tools available for you to use, it is a personal choice. The point is allowing yourself to feel sacred space focusing your intent on a tool, after a while you can do it without the tools to create the same feeling.

What is Clearing? Clearing is creating Sacred Space. In creating Sacred Space you never want anything weighing you down or making you feel less than perfect. Our homes are our personal Sacred Space. It should be a refuge from the world, a place where we feel at home and completely comfortable and at ease to do what we wish when we wish. At times we all carry into our homes all of the luggage we pick up and carry for others. This is called Holding Space. With each interaction we have with others throughout the day we are Holding Space for them. We all often forget to release these energetic attachments we create by Holding Space for others. This is when we need to clear our energetic field and create our Sacred Space.

*** An important note about clearing using tools of any kind*** When asked to do a house blessing or clearing I never ever do this in front of children. The reason for this is children do not understand what is going on. This can create fear which can make the energy even heavier and increase activity that may be going on. When children see you going around and blessing a home (whether it be a shaman, intuitive, lightworker or priest) They do not understand exactly what is happening and this can be confusing and cause them to feel unsafe in the home.

What is Vibration? Your vibration a person’s emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others. Everyone has a vibration they are accustomed to running at. This can be low, high or right in the middle. When it is low you feel like crud. You have little or no hope that anything is ever going to go your way; you may feel angry, anxious and nervous. When it is running higher you feel fantastic, at ease, feel like you can accomplish anything, everything seems to go your way and you receive wonderful gifts from the universe.

Why should we clear? This is simple. We should clear to feel good! No one wants to feel bad or uncomfortable in our Sacred Space (which includes our own energetic field).



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