JUDITH KUSEL – The Human Energy Field – via The Earth Plan – 7-18-19


Gold-speckled Platinum Light is something I find helpful as well. 

Source: Judith Kusel

We all have an energy field around our physical body, which looks like an egg. It is referred as the aura or the auric energy fields.

However, we have four bodies (four of the original 12, which get reactivated the higher our vibrational frequencies rise and the higher our evolutionary state of Being). The physical body, has the smallest energy field, followed by the emotional body, the Mental body and the spiritual body. The Spiritual is the largest and in some, who fully are activated spiritually, this energy field can stretch out for a kilometer or more. 

The energy fields have SENSORS and thus these sensors will give you constant feedback of all the energy fields you encounter and interact with. Not only people, but the environment as well and even Mother Earth and all her energy fields.



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