Cobra Update – The Tower Card – 7-17-19 – via Operation Disclosure

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Cobra Update: “The Tower Card” — July 17, 2019

Cobra Update – The Tower Card – 7-17-19 – via Operation Disclosure

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One thought on “Cobra Update – The Tower Card – 7-17-19 – via Operation Disclosure”

  1. My name is Cristiano Gandra. I live in Portugal … In the system of near survival. I have been following since 2004 the works of some beings, whose feelings my heart adopts … If I come here to express my doubt, it is because the purposes I have been following since 2004 have been changing – which is understandable in an expanding universe … What I have difficulty to accept is that the channels we received from Saint Germain, the Cobra and a few others do not make sense, ignoring us who actually carries this or that news … A paradigmatic example regarding the Cobra are the messages of May 15, 2019 and July 17, 2019 … After all some of the information that passes us, certainly to “fool the enemy” are just that – a farce – and we (at least some) are in the middle. ENOUGH! Neither God, nor Master, nor Cobra! Hold on! They provoke! They do not respond to our proposals (it seems that only those with money are welcome). ENOUGH! Stay with your war games … This is certainly not going to change the situation on the Planet. Thank goodness that you are blessed and that you have access to information that you can not reveal … You are all the same! Lots of blesses. Cristiano


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