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After a challenging last few weeks, and more to come, powerful changes are coming in.

It is as if vast burdens are being lifted from us, yet, with it come deep cleansing, clearing, releasing.

The vital forces of renewal are upon us – and these forces are sweeping in where a void or vacuum has been created, which they will fill.

I have been through a lot of soul searching in the last few weeks, having to dig very deep. Yet, it has been so worthwhile. I gained so much clarity and finally understood many things, as I gained the bird’s eye view, the cosmic perspective.
Fear not the changes.

Go delve deeply into it all.

Let go of fear.

The forces of renewal do bring uncertainty, do bring in changes on all fronts. Understand that you do not need to be in control.

There is a much Greater Masterplan unfolding here, a much greater galactic upgrading, which included our own solar system and this planet. You are but one little cog in within the greater Whole. Yet, you are important! The whole cannot be completed without you!

It is time to surrender to the Greater Will. The Divine Masterplan.

Much of this is preordained and your soul agreed to this at some level. You may forget the details, you may forget the so much, yet, you will always be brought into highest alignment again, when you ask for it, and when you surrender the reigns,
Surrendering does not mean that you are not in charge of your own life,and live it as best you can: – it means that you merely allow the Greater Will to unfold, by placing yourself and your whole life in highest service to the Divine. Allow your own ego to step out of the way.

The waves of renewal will at times feel like Tsunamis. For in truth, we will be pulled with the vital forces into the 5D, and at accelerated speed.

The whole cosmos is gathered here to assist this process!
What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth!

Judith Kusel

Photo: Jean -Luc Jean-Luc Bozzoli


Blue Beyond Guide

Dear Ascending Earth Masters,

This was shared in the Private New Light Paradigm gathering, was guided to share with all as this includes/involves ALL OF US!!!

New Light Paradigm Blue Beyond Guide – 15th July 2019


Frustration anger anxiety rushing of the old coming through

A new balancing old energies of the the Divine Masculine

Taking a moment or moments for how ever long this is for you to feel these and release this flow of these old old Ancient emotions and for our planet as well as this is not just for you!

This is you transmuting for the whole of the greater good for ALL of humanity as well!!

Please know this, this is much bigger than just you right now…

We have felt and are feeling a tectonic shift from Australia flowing out from and into the whole and rest of the world – we are leading in energy updates and upgrades from our little country right here and now = the Solar Plexus of the World

We are shining through our vessels of so much more with humanities ascension now more than ever!!!

We are belonging in this Gathering energy to help Australia and the world do this!

Right Now!

We Are Shining Through and you have got this and more than got this

On some layer and level now in coming into the Christ Consciousness in our HUman body or embodiment of the Spiritual the Astrals and all the energies of the Universe as they are all within YOU right here and now!!!

It all starts with begins with you and you being right here and right now is a HUGE HUGE part of the blessing we are bringing through to ALL OF HUMANITY right now in our human existence

It is up to you to choose to be in or link to your human embodiment and it needs to be consciously to grow further to be whole to ascend

This is the very purpose we came down into our ‘meat suit’ so to speak – yes our Divine Vessel in the human flesh

As a living breathing vessel of the human Divine or in the Divine in the human being

Without this, we could not ascend further than we have before

And this takes real Mastership in the human BEing as NEW ASCENDING EARTH MASTERS in a NEW LIGHT PARADIGM GATHERING

Of newly enlightened souls of the cosmos

And it all comes down to making a human soul earth choice to be here – right here and now

Have you checked in with your self you soul lately and asked ‘have I done this yet?’

Have I made a soul conscious choice to be here, to remain to end the Karmic cycle, to surrender and let go and have freedom of letting the Divine in – Of trusting myself deep deep within?

Of trusting myself and the Divine = hand in hand with my Spirit/Higher Self with my soul?

How do I do this? Well I just start to trust and believe pray and ask and hand over, surrender and I mean really hand over ALL

Again and again and again…

As self doubt comes into play here from so much wounding from theour past

A past of so much trouble and confusion just to be here

I know you may ‘know’ this but how many have or are REALLY FEELING THIS DEEP WITHIN!

Said with so much unconditional love, truth and honesty

And will share more soon as guided with this earthquake that hit Western Australia as there is so much more to this than ‘meets the eye’ so to speak

Remember ease up on yourself and put the stick down…

Much Divine Love and blessings – always

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Double Master 11:11 – Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light
New Light Paradigm Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D-Zero Point for 13yrs with her mission/role – to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity


When you go through this purge of the old timeline release that affected our tectonic plate energetically you can then feel the shift back to or to a new positive energy flow!!!



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