Humanity is Evolving into Galactic Humans! – via Paradigm Shyft

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Humanity is Evolving into Galactic Humans! – via Paradigm Shyft

What is a Galactic Human? All beings born as Humans onto this Planet are Galactic Humans…

Why? Because this Planet, like all inhabited planets, was seeded by one or more Galactic races. In other words, a Human’s true ancestry is not of this world!

But why have Humans not been taught this? There are a multitude of reasons, but the most fundamental is that those born into this 3rd Dimensional experiment agree to forget upon birth who they really are.

This agreement to forget is made so that Humanity may experience a rebirth, an awakening. And it is this awakening that has the potential to transform Humanity, here and now, back into the original blueprint of our true Galactic Selves.

And what is this original Galactic blueprint? It has to do withHuman DNA.

Galactic Star Map: Human Brain ~ Operation Disclosure


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