Jessica Delmar — Abe – SUMMER SOLSTICE _ Fiery DivineMasculine Reveals Truth – – New Expansion – 6-21-19

Jessica Delmar — Abe

Published on Jun 21, 2019

Summer Solstice Portal: Fiery Divine Masculine energy reveals truth and opens new areas of expansion. 2nd wave of the Trilogy energy unfolding with the Summer Solstice portal. Divine Masculine opens warmth, fiery energy. Continues to clear, cleanse and heal the lower 3 Chakras. Lower 3 Chakras transforming into higher vibrational 5D Chakras. Flipping the coin from shame and guilt to love and truth. // June 21, 2019

LINKS: ‘Trilogy Energy Awakening’ Series — ‘Opening Next Phase of Ascension: Unconditional Love’ —

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