Eternal GNOSIS – by Don Sirea


Published on May 31, 2019

What is GNOSIS? The realization that “GOD” or “SPIRIT” is the essence of every human being and that it does not have to be studied outside with the help of religions and clergy represents the core of what is called GNOSIS.

The term Gnosis is of Greek origin and means knowledge, insight, inspiration. It refers to a transcendental knowledge of man about his origin and the secrets of the universe. It is an “enlightening liberating knowledge” that frees the person from ignorance.

Knowledge instead of faith. The Gnostic recognizes himself and thus the universe as God/Spirit.


The inscription at the temple of the Oracle in Delphi refers to this knowledge: nosce te ipsum – gnothi seauton – recognize yourself and you will know the universe and God/Spirit.

In her well-known book: “The Gnostic Gospels” the famous religious scientist ELAINE PAGELS writes: “To know oneself means to know God – this is the secret of Gnosis”.

Gnosis is a synthetic self-knowledge. This universal knowledge (essential knowledge) is not acquired. It is based on one’s own deep inner knowing and can therefore be expressed in everyday life because correct decisions are made intuitively – i.e. through the voice of the soul, the I-Am-Presence.

Gnosticism differs from mysticism in the following way: mystic experiences cannot be communicated in a fully comprehensible way. Gnostic knowledge arises in the heart in an intuitive way – it is also called the wisdom of the heart. Mystics seek union with the Divine, Gnostics additionally want to understand the Divine. This is how the Gnostic lives his everyday life: He/she observes events from different perspectives. He experiences himself as a spectator watching the big stage from a distance (from the eagle´s position). He sees the actors playing their roles with all the consequences as genuine as if it were reality.

And then he notices at times, how he gets angry with himself, because he has identified himself with his role. An actor always remains the actor. He is never the role. However, he is not only an actor, as well as an observer, but also a designer and creator. He/she knows: only the intention counts, nothing is lost, there are no sins. On planet earth we experience with all our senses by grasping.

The Universal Law – discovered by Dr. Georgi Stankov – is nothing else but a mathematical, scientific explanation of the Gnostic discoveries every human being is capable of attaining. As such, it is the base for the Spirituality of the Aquarian Age on the new upper 4D and 5D worlds of planetary perception also called timelines. The Universal Law has a long history and was well known in Lemuria and Atlantis, but then got lost on the 3D prison planet earth, which is now abandoned by the majority of the earth’s population. Georgi Stankov speaks of ”the New Gnosis” and calls the Universal Law ”the guidelines of ascension and the Light-Body-Process” through which many people currently are going. It’s happening, now! The divine will aspect of the soul in all of us has awakened. WE are the ones that we have been waiting for!

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