Magenta Pixie – Crystal Heart Solstice Stargate (PDF) – June 21st

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Magenta Pixie


Channelled by Magenta Pixie.

Looking Glass Technology

Liberty Templates For GAIA


We have often spake of ‘taking the overview’ directing this information to the wayshowers, planetary teachers, indigo warriors and those who we may also refer to as mapmakers. Much is spoken in metaphor through the conduits and channels upon your world, those who are in a higher DNA strand activation and are able to recall cellular memory, decode it and deliver it as teaching.

Heavy metaphoric decoding presented this way due to individualised interpretation of a higher frequency waveband field. The information comes in bifurcated, trifurcated, multifurcated and indeed as infinite monadic omnipresence. Let us present to you a method of ‘taking the overview’ that gives you a wider or more expanded perspective than the one Earth location or even the bifurcation (known also as the two world split.)

These are third and fourth dimensional ego-based linear perspectives moving into dualistic, paradoxical and bilocational consciousness. We are not saying these most necessary perspectives are to be eliminated or transcended for both are much needed in

your Ascension journey. Many see only the third dimensional linear perspective and are lost or held down within it due to the lack of higher dimensionality within their cellular matrix fields. Yet this code is much needed for it is your anchor and it is that which gives you the tools with which to survive within the linear, planetary, global reality. Those that hold bilocational or paradoxical consciousness can also be lost within duality, polarity or distorted trinity cycles, an inability to phire up magnetic and electrical coding to create a silicate, crystalline form. Yet whilst some of these confusions stem from deliberate, hijacked matrix programs, others are simply in a ‘training ground’ of balancing ‘all that they are’ if you will and their journey to the crystalline trinity code is assured. Taking the overview beyond the bifurcated, bilocational dualism or paradox, moves one into a trinity field of sight and beyond that. It is an inner technology and lies within each and everyone of you at the ‘Seat of God’, the ‘Eye of Horus’ or the receiving of the ‘Holy Grail’. We speak here of the pineal gland. There are many levels to pineal gland awakening for this is a transformative process using an infinite presentation of crystal chemical code within your bodies. We present here just one method with which to activate new pathways, new chemical codes within the Seal of God, pineal gland organic technology. As we have said on numerous occasions within our transmissions, the creative power you hold knows no bounds, most especially when exercised collectively. Within that creative power is the tool of divination. The tool of sight. For what is the ‘Eye of Horus’ if not an eye? Indeed, a looking glass.




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