Patheos .com – 6 Steps to Realizing the Christ Consciousness Within You

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Patheos .com – 6 Steps to Realizing the Christ Consciousness Within You

Are you familiar with Christ Consciousness? It’s also known as higher consciousness and plays into the idea that you actually have two types of consciousness. There’s the ordinary consciousness or awareness that’s part of our everyday lives—and a more profound type of awareness, or a higher consciousness, that has the power to put you in touch with God.

While the idea of higher consciousness dates back to the Bhagavad Vita, which was written about the time Christ walked on this earth, Christ consciousness is more a product of modern-day spirituality. It was a major theme of the book I Am the Word by Paul Selig (more here) and, in a nutshell, Selig explained it like this:

While most people operate at a lower energy, guided by their ego, others are able to tap into a higher energy or their higher self. This energy is known as Christ consciousness. When you engage with life at this level, you resonate at a higher frequency. You realize that God is the frequency of every cell in your being. You know that God is in everything and everyone.




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