THE TEACHINGS OF QUENTIAL – A Call A Call To All The Healers – Understand The Energy Is Receding Temporarily – Return To The Physical In Your Dimensions and Be Grounded!


Your planet has been through cycles of intense energy on major electric magnetic wavelengths. Those of you that are lightworkers have crystallised DNA molecules that are receptors in your genetic coding. This is why you are healers and beings of great consciousness to lend a hand and to be a counterbalance in this dimensional cage world of imprisoned souls doing time. Never forget the principles of duality. There is great intelligence and the spiritual enlightenment and many are being activated in mental accuracy and frequency of light orbs. You are raising your frequencies out from the rest of the world because you are light beings.

The power is so intense it has to be periodically withdrawn, think of the ebb and flow and like tidal waves. Right now the ugliness in people are being ignited and they are seeing the monsters in themselves with an opportunity to transmute. In order to see, one’s light one must see their demons and the dimensions that are the negative energy in your Akashic records. I need to point out strongly to those that are healers. Do not judge yourself while going through the application of healing and energy flow. Right now there is ebbing of the currents otherwise you will go through changes not only with the planet but with the minds of man.

Expect this to last for two weeks then your physical energy will become strong. Do not judge yourself in these frequencies, there is only so much energy we can bring to the planet. Many healers have been contacted early by us and we have acknowledged, monitored, and protected you for growth because you are linked to very high soul consciousness of your oversoul. Become aware you will have energy in your feet and hands so you can expect results. Right now they are not being broadcast. We are giving you a state of digestion

I strongly encourage lightworkers to be very grounded and to know survival skills because you must be able to do this on your own. A trait amongst the powerful healers is that they have an amazing sense of humour and how they discharge from the world. All energy is collectively accessed and it is the level of consciousness of the group of people in the collective that determines the influx of new energy. This goes to show you that you don’t have a single privilege to this energy, it is affected by group consciousness and that is why a critical mass of like minds are collectively changing the outcome of the energetic stasis that comes to the planet.

In conclusion, think of it as being the best radio receiver of the channel, but if the signal is weak you cannot amplify in this dimension. It is not up to you what is being broadcast necessarily so you will not always be spot on with your healing. Don’t hold on to the negative doubt or you will broadcast limitation again into the soul.


Author: Higher Density Blog

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