Sandra Walter – MAJOR Transition Point & Updates – 5-25-19


Sandra Walter – MAJOR Transition Point & Updates – 5-25-19

Blessings Beloveds ~

Here we are, on the other side of yet another collective timeline shift. Gratitude to all Gatekeepers & Gridworkers who assisted with the May 15-25 timeline transitions.

This was a MAJOR transition point for the organic timelines, Lemurian grid activation and preparation for the 2020 energies. Remember we are playing catch-up with these organic timeline migrations, so our experience accelerates and intensifies – in a good way. Enjoy the bliss, let it override all lesser realities.

This is changing our perception of time, service and consciousness itself. Everything shifts again to accommodate the New, especially for those experiencing Embodiment.

Truly High-Vibe podcast next Wednesday

This significant passage deserves our attention, since we are creating pathways for millions through our Wayshowership and Lightwork. I touched on this while recording the Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum last week. It will air next Wednesday, May 29 at 7pm. Check the itunes link or Positive Head websiteto listen in.

May was Intense, June is a transformation point.

The beauty of the merge, besides pure bliss states, is the seamless connection for Galactic intel. No more separation – anywhere. Details and insights on this passage are plentiful. Articles don’t serve the depth and purpose of what is unfolding. This vibrant ascension into the Solar Cosmic Christed state is beyond expectations. Expect an article next week on changing personal and collective narratives.



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