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May the creator infuse this message with love, enlightenment and an inner awakening for all who read these words!  Let it flow!  Amen!

Hello Dear Family of Light!  I wanted to share a few articles with you about my personal awakening and particular soul mission as the etheric gag order has lifted and it is time to share it with you in love and oneness!

I was soul contracted this lifetime specifically to assist in the planetary ascension and repair the quantum infiltration of the universal time matrix.  I hope you find it interesting.  I have not written about it
extensively before as I was a bit awed by the sheer magnitude of this experience I am having and was embarassed to tell anyone that I was an incarnated ascended master for fear people would think I was bragging or inauthentic.  But I have since downloaded and integrated huge portions of my Hilarion blueprint as well as Prime Creator or the christ consciousness that I have come to know as Quetzalcoatl.

The whole universe lies within our DNA.  We have DNA from all over the stars and from our indiginous ancestors who were the original starseeds here and created highly enlightened societies which we still see the remnants of today.  I had a surprising kundalini awakening in 2013 to do this work and learned so much about my true multidimensional DNA ancestry as my inner team sequenced and assembled my full complement of DNA for this planetary clearing work.  Evidently planetary architecture it is my
universal specialty.

I am caucasian of french and irish descent this lifetime.  I found I had DNA strands from two of the root races which were Oriental and Ethiopian. My ancestors were Mayan, Eqyptian, Etruscan, Incan, Iroquois, Kickapoo,
Algonquin, Yavapai and Paiute.  My soul star resonance and vibration is Arcturian but I also have DNA strands from the Pleiades, Andromeda and Cassiopia.

Unbenownst to me until 2013 I had a huge soul contract here as the Ascended Masters had a "millennial proposal" and plan developed before the fall of Atlantis to come back (or project themselves forward into the future) and
assist the planetary body in ascending.  All this information and the millenium plan was contained within my activating DNA.

My soul name is Hilarion.  My DNA and lightbody was ascended last lifetime.  I am from the House of Ra.  This lifetime I was gifted with DNA from Quetzalcoatl and after my shamanic vision quest (when the god particle activated) I know why he was called in Maya the feathered serpent.  I have the double diamond sun lightbody (Ra and Quetzalcoatl) within my DNA.  The feathers are literally the wings of my lightbody which represent my multidimensional chakra system from the ancient bird tribes.  The serpent
is the kundalini (Pleidian) which rises to power up the lightbody. My Mayan DNA (Arcturian) carries the lost knowledge of universal time travel.  It has the ability to travel into multiple timelines.  The plan was to reengineer, clear and collapse all these timelines of darkness and free the planetary body from the heavy density, timeline infiltration and the mind control artificial intelligence program running on the grid.

During my vision quest which I will talk about in my next article, I connected with my ancient indian ancestors and I had full clairvoyance into my own historical timelines before the massive cleanup work began.  It was absolutely stunning!

It took me a couple years to fully rebuild the lightbody which now travels in all dimensions and octaves.  When I close my eyes the lightbody unfolds about 60 feet in all directions.  There are thousands of feathers flying
around me, turning and twisting as my consciousness flies through the ethers.  The feathers are quiet and extremely flexible made from a material I now know as graphite.  This is the carbon form of our multidimensional
chakras.  Graphite is a property of diamond so one can see this evolving to a diamond structure as we enter into a 5d crystalline format.  There are 3 large flaps in front that enter into a multitude of timelines
simultaneously, extract the dark energy, implants, etc. and brings it into the feathers.  The feathers grab and spin the particles, reengineering them and changing them molecularly.  We have restructured electrons, neutrons,
bosons and photons mainly as these were the particles that were inflitrated within the Law of One energy framework.

We had a huge problem with our solar logos.  There were prisims among other things implanted into the solar rays to lessen our sun's light coherence. It appears the earth's core crystal was infiltrated and entrained by
artificial intelligence controlling the frequency and resonance of the planetary body.  Inorganic timelines were created and were running false programs through our brainwaves.  After the molecular changes are made by
the feathers, the energy is returned to the appropriate timeline and the timeline is collapsed to planetary cellular memory.  I feel like a one woman celestial janitor or custodian (lol) since I have been doing this
full time for 7 years now!  Of course all this energy and the subsequent emotion has to run through me molecularly to heal.  It takes a lot of compassion and love for creation but the soul of a light warrior to do this
work.  That is why I am so thrilled to finally be able to share this journey with each and every one of you as together we perform our missions and most importantly anchor the light and clear the field for the unawakened.  We are indeed a network of light!  Clearing work is not for the faint of heart.  Mine was a stealth mission as the powers that were the quantum infiltration were quietly dismantled. One faces demons and dark energy that are transformed just by coming into contact with your  lightbody field.  The elemental energy is naturally attracted to the light to heal. It knows exactly what to do when encountered by our lightbodies as it is a universal process.  The astral demons are just angelic DNA that has been fragmented, trapped and tortured on the grid.  If it is in your field it is part of your DNA and yours to heal.

I finally found an amazing picture online (included in this article) of my lightbody which was discovered among some ancient Mayan relics.  You can see all those graphite feathers as the cosmic traveller lucid dreams from
within the mouth of the kundalini serpent!  The feathers are my Seraphim angelic DNA (some see these as the blue avians) from the ancient bird tribes.  The indigeous knew this and wore headdresses to represent the universal connection. Now we know why all our angels have giant wings or feathers.  We can see them only  Interdimensionally.  They are the wings of our lightbodies as we are fallen angels no more!

I am hoping you find this article interesting and can resonate.  I was informed my work would finally be done this year!  As the planet clears this massive infilration of our quantum consciousnss it is getting easier for us to connect to our higher selves and once the mind control fully clears from the planet we can awaken the kundalini which phires up the bliss codes as the chakras spin so fast that the DNA qoes quantum!

Please spread this far and wide with anyone and everyone as the quantum infiltration is almost over!  I have a couple more articles forthcoming to share my vision quest and the widsom I have gained as to what happened with
the planetary mind control known as "Ultra".

Lovingly in service,
Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim

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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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  1. Thank you for your post. Beautiful imagery and account. I can feel that energy around me is clearing and raising. Thank you for your service and contribution in clearing the timelines and grid.
    I know others that are contributing in similar ways. Now is the time to finally speak the truth. You will give others the courage to do the same. Thank you


  2. Thank you so much for posting this for me Duane as I am just a planetary architect and have no followers (lol). Co-creating in oneness from your mission to mine! Dave I so appreciate that you received the heart in the message! Beautiful unity that we are syncing up to at the monadic levels as we embody the omnipresence of christ consciousness once again upon this planet. Love and light my fellow warriors! We are about to enter a glorious stage of freedom to travel far and wide beyond the false matrix! 😘


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