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The time is now. This is it.

Peel off the blinkers and see reality the way it really is. Dramatic change is building across the earth, that will ultimately put paid to the reality construct we’re living in. The threads are ALREADY unwinding. Where’s your loyalty in the shift? Be careful it’s not stuck in the Old Paradigm, in no mans land. It’s okay to still have one foot in the old reality, on the old bank, but do be absolutely clear where you’re headed. Reality creates around what you believe and where you put your attention. It’s time to step out and be you. The Real You!…

The Granite Mountain

It’s spiritual old hat to say ‘everything is consciousness’. Nevertheless it is!
Everything is created of it. Even the granite mountain, that looks immovable, will at some point unwind.
And as pliable as it can be, the human mind is sometimes just like that granite – fixed, tight and rigid.
No wonder it keeps recreating the limitations of yesterday. If we let it.

So much of the Old Paradigm is based on fear and control. You may feel reasonably okay, peaceful even. The job goes well, the pay check comes in, the rent gets paid. Everything’s kinda hunky dory. But the fear and control has created a reality that is plundering the earth and destroying the eco-systems because of its ability to exploit oil, taking tomorrow’s resources today in order to placate addiction and soft comfort.
We have to get inside these loops and break them down.

It can be done. But it does take the will to do it. You know you’re more than this. You can feel it now in the depths of your soul just wanting to well up and step out. How simply divine it is when you witness that piece of synchronistic magic just click into place; when you feel divine beingness come through you or that deep sense of interconnected timeless peace. What is it worth? Priceless.

I recall a guy approaching me in the streets one evening selling The Big Issue. He was asking for ‘some coin to make the shelter before it closes in half an hour’, “I need to make £20”. I look inside my wallet and there’s no coin. Just one crisp, twenty pound note. I simply know it’s synchronistic – I can feel it in my bones. That “aha” feeling you all know. That’s what he needs. That’s exactly what I have. The flow engages higher mind and I’m already reaching for it. But then lower mind starts doing its old granite mountain stuff – “That’s the last twenty I have. It’s too much. What if I need some cash on the way home to fill up the car?”

But I catch myself. It’s only the old BS poverty consciousness that keeps you always in 3D lack. That loop simply needed to be broken. So I give him the twenty. What happens next is utterly priceless. Beyond value. His eyes open wide in amazement. Tears well up and flood down his cheeks. Such a loop of connection and creativity opens between us, like brothers in arms stretching back through the ages. How do you think that made me feel? What was it worth? And most importantly, what does it do to the old granite mountain – LOL!

Here’s How to Change Your Reality with Openhand’s Breakthrough Approach

Stepping out of No-man’s-land

Too many find themselves in no-mans-land right now. That’s the place not to stay! You’re losing faith in the old construct and so it’s becoming less and less successful – the numbers don’t stack up any more. It’s a good thing. You’re readying to step out in all the daily choices you make. This is where the commitment is necessary. Trust. Belief that it will all somehow work out. And the daring to go for that.

5D reality is there, all around you. The energy is inwinding itself from the old karmic construct now. But the air is hazy. You have to find the focus and clarity. Otherwise the threads of new consciousness don’t wind and bind together. This is where belief comes in. But how can you build belief if you’ve not fully tested it? You have to be prepared to step out onto the ice and trust that it will support your weight. And if you fall? Climb out and get back up again!

In truth you never fall. If you fail, then ‘fail upwards’. What do I mean?

Falling is always an opportunity because it shakes something up inside. We sense failure only because we built our dreams and goals around some physical outcome, something that is separate from what the Universe is wanting to create for you.

What does the Universe want?

More than anything it wants you to be you. And it will spare no resource to deliver that for you, to create the vehicle around you that you may fully express yourself.

BUT – it’s not about the vehicle! It’s about unleashing the expression of you. Then the vehicle maifests around you. So let go of what you want it to look like and simply create.

Just dare to be you and see what happens!

Manifesting from Higher Consciousness

When I look back on my journey here, yes I’ve expanded into higher dimensional awareness, and yes I can manifest from 5D consciousness here. It works, enough to support my weight and help those around me. But when I look back at the challenges, it’s been constant. I’ve constantly failed and fallen over, only to pick myself back up again. It took a little while to realise that was the path! And as I look back, I feel a completely different being now than then. It’s worth it and it works. What else is there?

5D manifestation will indeed work right here, right now. But there has to be the loyalty to it. You have to invest time and conscious awareness to it on a daily basis. You have to locate those loops of contracting tightness, get inside of them and break them apart – like the worn out jumper, they don’t serve you anymore. You have to soften deep into the core of your being, and let the truth well up to animate who you are. Express it, unreservedly out into the world. And the new garment will weave all around you. Magic and miracles abound!

Catching Your Dream

It’s here. The huge potential for spiritual mastery is here for you. When reality only gently morphs, the mirrors are not so strong. You can kind of sleep walk forwards. But that option doesn’t exist any longer.

So why are you here? Why did you choose to be in this cauldron of profound alchemical change? I assume it’s to forge the blade. To submerge your soul in the fires of change. To burn away the dross and smelt your Excalibur –
your sword of truth.

You can do it. You’re seeded to do it. But you have to decide…where’s the loyalty? Where do I put my consciusness awareness? In what do I trust and dare to dream?

You’re so much more than this. Time to have faith, to step out and become it.

In loving support

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