Oftentimes, when individuals hear the terms “Christ” or “Jesus,” right away they may fall into preconceived notions based upon their upbringing or particular religious background. Throughout history, the perspectives people have had on the life and teachings of Jesus have been varied, oftentimes even at odds. Sometimes individuals involved in so called “new age” philosophies or comparative religious studies have decided that Jesus was “just a teacher.” Was he only a prophet? Others have decided to disregard him altogether. Members of non-Christian faiths may have ignored his life and ministry. Was he a man who committed blasphemy by thinking himself a God? Others may have said, “Well, Christians have been cruel to me and therefore I’m not interested in Jesus.” Even among those who call themselves Christian there is not complete agreement about the meaning of Jesus’ life and work. These disagreements have resulted in dozens of denominational factions, charges of heresy or breaking away from the faith, and countless wars. The Edgar Cayce material, however, offers an approach that suggests there is a way of looking at Jesus’ life in a manner that unifies all of humankind rather than dividing it.



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