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Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on May 10, 2019

Facts based off Aluna’s experienced & perception!

Clairaudience is a faculty of the subconscious which means clear hearing. You can make sure that you are instantly informed by your subconscious about anything connected to your protection by quieting the mind enough to hear this inner voice. Such as a voice saying “No” or “dont go” thats the subconscious coming through clairaudiently.

This video is about clairaudience.. I am only sharing from my own experience and perception of what I have experienced.

I forgot to mention that I noticed the verbal- audio clairaudience really started taking off after my frequency shifted, started seeing Non-Stop synchronicities & my life started changing rapidly. To me is sounds like spmeone is speaking down a tube from far away like however “heaven” or “God” would sound like- thats what im trying to say. It sounds echoed at a distance and very other wordly. It has a very distinct sound. And before the audio clairaudience really expanded I also started experiencing this humming or vibrating sound connected to electronics or people when they’d speak… like their voice, I would hear this humming or vibrating in my head and with environments that I was in or spaces I was in. The clairaudience is heightened during times of frequency spikes with the planet is something that I’ve noticed with myself. Some people experience this as ringing in the ears, and they’re receiving more of a subliminal transmission or download. and then others, like myself, experience both- I experienced the ringing, the subliminal download of information along with the audio clairaudience. It is very random- all day long. I have also hard what sounds like other languages and distant singing clairaudiently. And yes, Im aware this would sound crazy to those that havent experienced this😁

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