Laura Eisenhower Updates – 4-29-19 – via The Earth Plan


Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Cabal binds to our unconscious self, unhealed wounds, amnesia and negative Ego.

Our capacity to do inner work, brings light to the shadow and unhooks us from the tentacles that siphon our life force and grab hold of our minds to control our creative power —

Being willing to face ourselves fully is us finding true liberation and when we do that we notice the dark controller agendas collapse and we see the demise of Evil and we become a part of the universal forces of Nature and creation that are coded with Ascension energies. The transition creates a lot of symptoms, discomfort and confusion and much gets forced to the surface and we shouldn’t judge how anyone chooses to move through all of this. Some are also stir crazy and losing patience.

 We need to inspire one another and be encouraging — life is painful enough. We have been in a War for so long and it’s an inner battle we win when we let go of the false Matrix and accept inner Truth as the generator of a positive Timeline.

Every life lesson is guiding us towards this discovery but it’s easy to want something else to solve it, tell us or diagnose. We must eventually drop the fear of self and embrace our dormant abilities that are ready and waiting to fully shine! It heals us, advances us and takes us Home to the inner Spark of Spirit, our own divine Light ship.


I love Jesus Christ or whatever name people identify with — but the only son of God???

We are all children of God and Goddess but being modified and hybridized by Draco and Anunnaki to cut us off from our true parents is kind of the issue. That theft has broken the hearts of many. It is so internalized we don’t realize it so we just end up walking around feeling unworthy or under the control of lower Creator Gods that encourage us to relate to a false sense of self. That is our unconsciousness.

He taught that we are like him and more and have the Kingdom within. The true Alchemists and their teachings were wiped out and so we are stunted in our growth, lacking true reminders — our culture has harmful programmings imbedded into them.

 Kind of sucky… but fortunately many of us haven’t fallen for these deceptions.


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