THE EVENT – Message from Ash’Tar’ Ka’Ree 0 PaulButler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-23-19


Message from Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree :

My warmest regards,

First of all, we would like to thank you, Ria and all the other lightworkers, as well as the children of the stars, the empathic and intuitive artists. We are happy to have you with us at this time of great change for you and your planet.

Some of you manage to transmit our messages more clearly, without interference or filters. Others will also soon succeed.This is due to the energy waves that are currently spreading in your system. We know that many of you are feeling them, as we know that more and more of you are perceiving the changes to come, even unconsciously. In other words, it looks like a tremor, as if you had an electrical pulse coming into you. This is why you feel more and more the unity. These moments bring you joy and well-being. In these moments, you come out of the lower vibrations that ruled your world and enter a higher consciousness.

This is what it is all about, this “transition”, for you, for all human beings and the Earth.

I am Ash’Tar’ Ka’Ree.

We watch over you, in peace and love.


If ur feeling ungrounded and like it’s hard to settle into yourself.. you’re nottt alone. When i tuned into this, the message i got is, that it’s ok if we feel like we can’t relax right now bc we are making one of the biggest shifts within ourselves we have ever* made, that’s why it feels all pressure cooker like. We will ground again and as our new wiring sets in, it will be easier to ground..

Also we are adjusting to the new amount of planetary light, so many ppl have said they are seeing white/r energy, everywhere.. im freaking surprised it hasnt stopped! After a whole week! This is our new normal, guys! I can’t believe it! So we are physically and energetically adjusting to this. And remember the new planetary light does include the Event and all the levels/ workings of the Event.. we are doing things from many* angles.. Ascension IS multi-faceted 

Also new guides.. as things have Shifted to such new heights (a new higher frequency for Gaia as denoted by the Schumann resonance).. Our new Guides are Inter-Weaving with us Now!! This is also part of the funny-ness we feel. I have a group of Beings called the Lumineers who came to me 3 days ago and told me they’d be with me from now on ♡♡ They said they are from another galaxy, that helps earth. But their galaxy, goes in and out of physicality. It’s not entirely physical, as it is more etheric* than it is physical. I got the sense that the Lumineers are from 3 galaxies away from our milky way. They said they are not well known on earth. The energy that started interweaving with mine, is a bright white crystalline liquid-light that is ‘heavy’ enough to make me embed this light more into my physicality. There has been a lot of emphasis for me, in embodying* light more fully* to match* my physical/ personality/ ego. This is why my languaging and thoughts have been more physically-oriented, rather than more spiritually oriented. So that i make the physical tropics, become spiritialized, or, lighted up. This is what gives us “swag” and i never use that word lol but that’s the word my guides used to draw me the picture that even my most base/ physical thoughts/ everything is becoming light, like the Mercurial topics of life, which is why i feel so “morphy” with even these physical/ root topics, bc im lighting them up. Thus giving me “light swag”  just too funny, but true, and im sure this is upcoming for everyone.. ! 

Oh yeah back to what i was saying about the Lumineers, they said they were interweaving with me now to be my guides/ orchestrators, bc my frequency can uphold this super bright white crystalline liquid (more physical) light. Holy wow, feels like i graduated to another level.. So bc i can hold this, they are with me now and i just love how they are, so easy to talk to, very friendly, and fun. They were also giving me some great advice that i didn’t expect  plus they are down with my crazy, impulsive side as i found out thru conversing with them 

So yes new guides, and even if ur not conscious of this, it still probably is happening for you 

And do you See the Absolute Correlation.. the world turned to bright white light, and my new guides, are* bright white light. Womp-womp!!!

Christie Dimensional

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