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Be faithful to your inner being – to your inner father and mother within you. Connect with them through meditation – receive guidance, and make all of your choices from there. They will help you establish energetic balance within yourself; but first they will ask you to release your addictions and attachments to your destructive relationships and negative sensate pleasures of this physical world that deplete your energy and keep you from your alignment with the higher consciousness levels within yourself.

In order to receive; we must give and that is not referring to “giving” in the physical world, which is full of expectations and illusions, but it is calling for the “giving up” of the things we are most attached to which are our destructive egoic habits, thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Give up what does not serve you – release your attachments. This will allow you to open up new pathways within your consciousness to the Christ within yourself so you can bring “Heaven here down on Earth.”

Heaven is a state of consciousness, it is not a place. If we want to enter into the heavenly dimensions within ourselves we must first activate our heavenly states of consciousness while we are here on Earth, so when we do make our transition from physicality into Spirit we can take our heavenly states of consciousness with us.

Meditate on your relationships and see what you need to surrender, what you need to give up, so you can earn the right to activate your Heavenly/Christed states of consciousness within yourself. Stop expecting to get something for nothing. Be willing to give….be willing to surrender what is holding you back from evolving your soul to the highest levels possible at this time on Earth. -Sabrina



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