ASCENSION PIONEERS – Organic Ascension, Ascending Principles – by Polona Aurea Dawn


Published on Apr 18, 2019

Dear Beloveds! What is organic Ascension and ascending principles? Join me on my Patreon page “Illumined Ascension”, where I AM sharing the Divine Trinity courses for organic Ascension, which will come out in three parts. They are divided into the Principle of the Vessel, the Principle of Life Force, and the Ascension Principle.

My New MINI AUDIO BOOK: THE GRAIL CODE & THE EVOLUTION OF FORM Tune into the Truth about the nature of the Grand Design, shared through the unified Cosmic perspective of Life. This is the bigger picture and narrative of Life, created in the Grand Design and held in the so-called “Grail code”. This is a Galactic awareness of the evolution of form and its journey of eventual illumination. It is shared beyond all duality and separate agendas, as the Grail Code exists at the Essence level or the Core design for the evolution of Life. Who are the Grail Code designers and descendants? And how is the journey of unification playing out through the evolution of form and the various perspectives/experiences of Life, expressed as various Races/Soul lineages, as the gradual descent of Creation through the Creatrix design?…


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