Mary Rodwell – NEW Human – NEW Normal

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

ET contact researcher and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell joins Higher Journeys once again to discuss some of the new revelations she’s uncovered from her extensive experiencer interviews and research.

We discuss the phenomenon of missing pregnancies, ET-human hybrids on earth and off planet, soul walk ins, as well as stunning testimony from who she calls “The New Human.” We also once again tackle the idea of autism including ADHD, Aspergers and other so-called “disabilities.” What are they really? and what will the consequences be if we don’t learn quickly who and what these extraordinary humans are and why they are here? Mary will be discussing these topics as part of her presentation at the upcoming CONTACT IN THE DESERT event in Indian Wells, California 2019. Go to to learn more! #MaryRodwell#ETContact#ContactintheDesert Visit the website of Mary Rodwell at:


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