REMEMBERING LEMURIA – THE THIRD GOLDEN AGE – 3-30-19 – via New Earth Energies

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It was a time when new earthling Souls were starting to take on a physical shape and they were helped by their guardians who took them to Gaia’s waters so they could adjust to her frequencies and over thousands of years develop a physical vessel for the Spirit.

At that time we could breathe under water and came from the water as human/spiritual beings – this was different to the amphibious beings coming from the waters because they were on an evolutionary route which was unconnected to our path.

Gaia was shining and beautiful and we delighted in everything around us and also in our human feelings and emotions. We were as harmless as children, free and joyful and our wise protectors and guardians looked after us as we adjusted to everything new around us, slowly integrating our emotional, physical nature/desire body.  

We created wonderfully and lived in oneness.. very much right brained, female in nature – empathic, psychic loving and from the Heart , also extremely intuitive. We were telepathic and could travel using astral projection and had advanced spiritual technology.

Over eons of time and towards the ‘end times’ of Lemuria, many sank lower in the third dimension, forgot how to Love, live in harmony with others and Mother Earth, forgot where they came from and who they really were, they had lost their innocence, became greedy, controlling, dishonest and their vibrations now very low.  
The kind and loving ones still in touch with their Creator knew what would happen – in the end the great cataclysm – they were unable to save their beautiful Land which went below the sea.

Some went to other dimensions or to other lands before Lemuria was destroyed. Others went to Telos via underground tunnels and locks to the caverns.

Telos is a magnificent underground city of a higher dimension beneath Mt Shasta in California. The highly evolved beings of Telos are survivors who came from Lemuria which was situated in the Pacific Ocean before she was destroyed. 

Lemuria was the third Golden Age and at her height all was perfect, in harmony and very beautiful with wise Souls from other Universes.

The Telosians wait for us to know about them and their way of life, also to unite with us. This can happen when we awaken and live together once again in Harmony and Peace as the world changes into more Love and Light.  

We cannot remember or imagine our magnificent heritage. We chose to come here at this time in the progression of ascension and we here represent our Soul family.  
We returned to Gaia as Record Keepers to
trigger the memories of Lemuria in her times of perfection and harmony.

We are only visitors here on Gaia, we are from the Stars and we are Divine Beings.. The veils are thinning and we will remember this.

We are approaching a very special time of the new Golden Age.. a wonderful experience for all that choose Love, when Gaia and all upon her will be leaving behind all the sadness and darkness and ascending along with the galaxy to higher dimensions.

Many of the ancient and indigenous nations knew about these times and that we are coming to the end of a world age, a transition to another world age. We are now in a purification stage, coming into a new cycle.

We are coming once again into the photon belt – a group of light photons which runs through the CENTRAL SUN of the Pleiadian structure and we are required to take a massive leap in consciousness, replacing our fears with Love, and this will be a harmonious transition if we can do this.

The beautiful Light of Love vibration is coming in very powerfully now and we have much help.. 

By Colleen Costello

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.