Photon Belt and the Coming Golden Age – via Vision Ties

The photon belt is said to be orbiting around the star cluster Pleiades. (Image: NASA / CC0 1.0)


or the past few decades, people linked to the New Age Movement have been describing an imminent spiritual transition of humanity to a higher consciousness due to the Earth being enveloped by a photon belt. This ring of photons is said to be orbiting around the star cluster Pleiades.

Photon belt

The photon belt is said to consist of three elements. First, there is the null zone, a region in the photon belt where matter and antimatter particles collide to create photon streams. This is the place where the electromagnetic fields of our star system will be neutralized.

Next is the main region of the photon belt. Space/time distortion in the region is what will push us into a higher dimension. This period is expected to last for about 2,000 years and is believed to be the “Golden Age” promised by various religions across the world. The third element is again the null zone that forms the exit of the photon belt.

Entering the Photon Belt! 11.29.2018 1-26 screenshot


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