MELANIE BLECKER – IT CONTINUES – Ashtar Command Crew – 3-23-19

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Melanie Blecker


IT CONTINUES….Hey there, 

Just wanted to send you a quick note today to remind you… 

That after the incredibly profound energetic opening of the Equinox Full Moon this past week… 


The energy of transformation now continues! 

This weekend especially, be open to new perspectives, and clarity coming in for you. 

We’re still right amidst Mercury Retrograde (through this week). 

So maintaining presence is really key. Your next steps, and even the big picture for where you’re headed and what’s truly possible for you may still be quite hazy… 

But there’s also new energy of clarity starting to come in. 

Pay attention and stay present! 

Because when you do, you can receive it.

And you just may start receiving some signs or signals that clear up concerns… 

Or bring you new insights and inspirations.

For how you can best proceed from right here and now. 

How you can respond to the present as who you are now…

Rather than falling back into the old patterns and habits of who you used to be.  

Remember that taking the time to consciously clear your mind and enter inward helps you to align with the positive influences. 

Presence is such a powerful ally for adapting to changing energies as the wave of transformation continues.

You are supported! Tune into the Divine support and assistance that IS available to you now. 

Supporting you, guiding you and assisting you in aligning with your most vibrant truth and radiant life. 

Because yes, that really is the overarching purpose of all the unknown, uncertainty, and change that continues to spiral around us all in one way or another. 

This is a period of Divine realignment!

The opportunities are here and the doors are open to leap forward on your highest timeline and primary ascension path. 

Realigning with more of your truth and embodying your highest light. 

With love and bright blessings, 


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Divinely guided and inspired to support you in tuning into the incredible light and transformation opportunity available right here and now. 

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