Abe Delmar – March Ascension Energy – Solar Flare, Releasing the Core of the Shadow – 3-1-19

Abe Delmar

Published on Mar 1, 2019

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Solar flare energy, strong energy of the Great Central Sun. This energy is opening onto the planet to help transmute and transform the lower vibrational shadow aspects and realms. March is about clearing the root of our shadow aspects and clearing that energy in order to open more up into our higher life mission paths as light workers, as well as open up more to our inner lost knowledge and connection to our higher vibrational Oneness aspects. Opening up to truth, embodying truth, expressing truth. Releasing core of our shadow in order to open more into the next stage of the ascension, which is embracing and embodying more unconditional love. // Mar. 1, 2019

“IS, RA and EL Lightworker Mission Paths” video — https://bit.ly/2Tq74tx “4 Realms of Gaia and Opening to Magic Part 1” video — https://bit.ly/2IKA7Uq

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