DAVID WILCOCK – New Revelations from Antarctic SSP Insiders – 2-24-19 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia


I’m not sure if David’s video will come through. It was a live transmission but still seems to be up.

If so, David offers a really-absorbing account of the development of the secret space fleet, from insider accounts. Not the usual MAJIC 12 account, but looking at its roots in German space efforts, imported to America, built upon, and linking to developments in the Antarctic and off-planet.

He offers an interesting look into the role on Earth of the reptileans, Dracos or saurians.

David tells the story of how his Youtube statistics suddenly fell from 5.6 million to 250,000 overnight when he posted a revealing Youtube video. He puzzles over what happened.

Our video We Know Our Galactic Family is Here. Do You? never received a tally of more than perhaps 150,000 from Youtube even though Michael told us it had had well over something like a million views.  We assumed the numbers were manipulated.

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