Rose Rambles – Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 38 – 1-11-19

Rose Rambles – Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 38 – 1-11-19

February 11, 2019 approximately 2:00 AM 
Is someone wanting to connect and keeping me awake? Yes! We are here Sophia! It is us! Your family in the Pleiades. We’d like to tell you some very exciting things. We have been wanting to share these things with you for some time. 
You’ve woken me a few times, haven’t you? We have. We know it is not your favorite time. 
No, not really. Yet tonight we feel rather urgent about contact. 
Okay then, hi. Please go ahead with your reason for contact. You have my attention. Yes, well, this will take some time to explain. As we witness your current planet in what appears to be escalating chaos, we simultaneously watch a most extraordinary circumstance



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