Aluna Ash 9-D – Plasma Wave On The Way – 1-30-19

Aluna Ash- 9D

d Published on Jan 30, 2019

Each wave can last from seconds to about an hr. When the particles settle, more of the energy or frequency spike from the waves can be felt.. more so after sunset/evening. The charges in the enviorment can cause changes in sleep patterns in the evening as they settle to the surface. Anything that is not of a higher frequency can be uprooted unconsciously, causing triggers/reactions.

We have a
The Shifting to the Magnetic Sun 2021 & Pole Shift really starts taking off around July/August 2019- The New Galactic Yr of the Magnetic Charge (Divine Feminine) The Shift in collective timelines began March 2018 for the 1st wave (not dependant on age) Another took place Oct/Nov/Dec. We are getting ready for another shift Feb and the bigger one- triggering 2nd wave shift in March 2019. much bigger wave coming in March 2019

**My guidance was showing me how the particles settle in order the show me that my environment is hyper charged with energy for manifestation, so basically this is a really good time to set your intentions and project thought of a new reality through focused thought & emotion. Feel it and visualize it as if it is done. And so it is.

Venus= higher octave of Earth. Uranus= brings in Sirius B transmissions to shift consciousness and anchor telepathy grid through collective consciousness.

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  1. If we are feeling Earth and vice versa, then it must be time to make a big shift. Sometimes it feels like the ninth month of pregnancy when you over anxiously wait for birth. I seem to feel every energy shift and certain ones make me feel quite heavy like yesterday 2/1/19. Those are usually the larger intrusions. Also, since the lunar eclipse I go between feeling in “no man’s land” to wanting to start a new adventure. Quite schizophrenic. Blossom Goodchild’s recent channeling where she admonishes the Fed. of Light for this long wait revealed that the wait is very nearly over and to hang on. Sure hope so.


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