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Beverly Nation

Published on Aug 24, 2018

Message From Wyndsor – 9th Dimensional Arcturian Visit in the Sky, Kirkwood Missouri 8/23/18 10 pm central

We came to visit you last night to let you know we are always watching over you. Many changes are in store for you and all of humanity as the ascension unfolds. We hope to play a vital role in guiding many of you through the ascension process. There will be days of exhaustion and discomfort as you receive huge downloads of ascension frequencies. These downloads are necessary to change your physical bodies. This is not something to fear or dread. If you want to live in a new crystalline body, these downloads are required.

But we can help minimize some of the effects of the downloads. We suggest you purchase some crystals and shungite. We will guide you as to what we need to help you. Before bed each night, ask us what to put under your pillow, either some crystals, the shungite, or both. With these tools we can smooth the energies and balance them, so the frequencies are harmonized and don’t feel so raw and irritable.

This is something we are doing for Beverly with great success. When she is feeling overwhelmed with high frequencies, we can work with her during the night to minimize the impact of the most recent download.

We understand you all have lives and duties and must have energy, strength, and focus to go through your day. This is why we are bringing this message today. We want to help you. We want to be of service to all of you experiencing repercussions of the ascension downloads and energy waves.

Shungite is found in various places throughout earth. It is a material that we placed on Earth to help raise the frequency. It is a powerful material that holds energy, similar to crystals. However, it has additional properties for holding healing frequencies. Be sure that the shungite you purchase is real and not man-made material. This will be most beneficial for you. We are here for you. We love humanity. You are our family. Please use us as your guides and healers. – Wyndsor & the Arcturians

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