Cobra explains – Why the January 2019 Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation is the most CRITICAL ever

Ground Crew Command Radio

Published on Jan 14, 2019

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With the unprecedented 20+ astrological aspects aligning on the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse…

never-mind the THREE Stargates (actual Plasma tubes) to Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Galactic Center….all connecting to this Super Moon….

….that also happens to be on a Lunar Eclipse path … that also so happens to cover ALL of North and South America…and then some…

I already knew this was going to not only be the biggest thing that’s happened to this planet in a very long time …

…. but after talking with Cobra…. who clarified certain things … even Mr. Arcturian Grunt here had to do some serious GROUNDING techniques to accrete the ramifications of what it is possible for us to achieve at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse….

..ONLY if we, the people…the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Starseeds SHOW UP !!!

….the 144K Mandala of Lightworkers…who together form the pieces or shards of the Holy Grail…have a VERY SPECIAL role to play at the time of this January 2019 Lunar Eclipse…..


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