The Divine Mother on the Impact of the Dark on the Reval – 1-11-19 – Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia


I promised to leave alone the topic of the Company of Heaven’s request of us that we raise our vibration.

But, as I was tidying up after writing several articles on the subject, I came across a statement the Divine Mother made in Oct. 2018. I had entirely forgotten that she made it. It’s important that it get released.

It puts a very important piece in place. Part of why we’re being asked to raise our vibrations has nothing to do with us.

It has to do with the actions of the dark to, what she calls, “hijack” the Reval.

Do I post it to report bad news? No. I have as little appetite for bad news as you have. I’m holding on for dear life just as you are.

I post it because it explains the Company of Heaven’s actions and the more we know the easier it is to recover from existing news.

We’re not quite yet in a vibratory range where the dark can no longer operate. That’s a fact of spiritual science; it isn’t a judgement someone has made of us. (1)

Before you wonder why the Company of Heaven should be caught in a quandary, remember to factor in free will. Their hands can be tied at times whereas ours are not because it’s our planet.

In addition, our participation frees their hands.

Who are “we”? Lightworkers, starseeds, financial stewards, and financial wayshowers.  No one else knows about the Divine Mother, Her Plan, abundance, Ascension, etc. And relatively few care upon hearing about them. (2) We’re in the minority but, I believe, our light is great.

You heard Michael say that we were not yet out of the hands of the abusers of authority. You heard the Arcturians say they would not release the Reval as long as it would be possible for someone to use it to buy weapons.

Now the Mother talks about the activities of the dark ones who’ve been trying to subvert the Reval and are probably the greatest source of unnecessary drag on the collective vibration. More folks to love.

So there really are issues happening backstage which they could use our help with, by … you got it … raising our vibration.

Sorry for going on about it, but I’m sure the matter is of concern to many people.

We’re building Nova Earth and someone is attacking our supply wagons.

The Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

Divine Mother: … What you think of as the re-evaluation was structured a long, long time ago [at my request], under the auspices particularly of Sanat Kamara and St. Germaine, your star family, star beings on planet, and, shall we say, awakened individuals.

The plan was that, when humanity, primarily led by the United States, was ready to truly reach a place of peace, of harmony, and of sharing, these re-evaluations would be put in place and that is why what you think of as the trigger points had to do with the settlements of war, the settlement of conflict.

Whether it was Korea or Vietnam or Iraq, etc., it was to shift … not to strip, not to destroy this or that regime, but to truly bring about, shall we say, a rebalancing and to help with those nations that had been completely decimated, not only physically but morally, emotionally, mentally, to bring things back into balance.

A tag-along to that was to include various groups of people – whether they were veterans or Lightworkers….

That was and that is and that has remained my plan of unfoldment.

Now what has occurred is that, in many ways, those with their own agendas that have nothing to do with peace and everything to do with distraction, creating greater chaos, and trying to usurp power have become involved and engaged in this.

And what has happened is that it has become a political machination. And, might I say, a fantasy machination whereby many are speaking various untruths on all sides.

And [they are] trying to gain and abuse power to manipulate those who in fact would be in a position to reconstruct societies and nations and cities of light and Gaia herself.

And what is also happening is that many are buying into the distractions and the untruths….

And so it has been hijacked, dear One. The attitudes of many involved have been covetous and not just covetous of money, which is egregious and not the purpose of this redesign, but covetous of power to manipulate, not only societies, but people’s minds and hearts.

So there is much untruth on all sides. We have told you. Michael has told you, to be very discerning, sweet One, in what you buy as truth. Always be the truth seeker that you are and dig deeper.

That is what is transpiring.

I think some of this information is probably of a kind that only the Divine Mother can share because Michael has never shared it with me.

We’re being asked to wrap the world in a blanket and lift it up out of harm’s way. We do it vibrationally, by any and all means. We do it to protect the Reval.

Until now we’ve been passive spectators. But we’re now being called out onto the field to serve as reinforcements raising the planet as a whole through the upliftment of our own consciousness and our transmutation of as much negative energy as we can tolerate.

Viewed still another way, we’re the human contingent which is karmically needed when saving the planet is at issue.

We contributed to the mess it’s in and hence, karmically, it’s fair for us to contribute to cleaning it up. Now is the moment when we’re being asked to do that.

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