As You Wish BBS Talk Radio – Saturday 1-5-19

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This Weeks Show: THE GALACTIC RED PILL HOUR: With Special Guest: CAROLINE CORY. Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary author and the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Energy Medicine. The OMnium Method is based on an experiential methodology that provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming to the original blueprint so that healing or learning may occur organically. The OMnium Method utilizes a powerful and precise meditation technique called Connecting to Source© followed by the cellular reprogramming of the subconscious mind. We use frequencies and harmonics of Light, Sound, Divine Geometry as well as other techniques such as Zero Point alignment, Gravity pull, Time Suspension among other means. On average, the results range from a deep sense of peace, balance and the suspension of pain to total blissful expansion with the permanent removal of traumas, phobias, addictions and other imbalances or illnesses. We work with top scientists from around the world on research and experiments in the area of Consciousness, Parapsychology, ESP and other similar phenomena. For more information about Caroline Cory and Her Ground Breaking work. please Visit: http://www.CarolineCory.com _______________________________________________ Check Out All Of the Best Selling Books By James Gilliland: ECETI – COME SEE FOR YOUR SELF! ECETI Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery JCETI Japan – GREG SULLIVAN – http://www.JCETI.ORG Don’t Forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Our Channel. ECETI MEDIA: Peter Maxwell Slattery AYWTR Producer: Rob Bergquist.


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