ASHTAR SHERAN – New Year’s Message 2019

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Published on Dec 31, 2018


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Sharon Stewart and Ivo of Vega. Vegan ET team, with lightworker Sharon here on earth and Ivo above earth as Galactic Federation sub-commander, channeling much-needed information to lightworkers on their roles, 5D


Ascension and on becoming Galactic Humans. Check out Sharon’s Book! From Beyond this World: Information from beyond the Veil of Amnesia

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One thought on “ASHTAR SHERAN – New Year’s Message 2019”

  1. Just because more than one person says something is so, doesn’t mean it is the Truth. Lord Ashtar is a title of the individual who is the Ruler of the planet of Ashtar. These people never suffered the effects of the Orion Wars and have acted as long-time allies of the Pleiadians and Sirians who were heavily involved in fighting off the negative Orions. The relationship between the Pleiadians and the Ashtarians have been cemented by marriage, as well. Lord Ashtar is not “Ashtar Sheran”. His real name might surprise people. Use your discernment and common sense when listening to ANY channeled information. There is a TON of disinformation “out there” these days. “Sunny” VaCoupe, Line Cmdr., Outer Pleiadian Fleet


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