THE PHOENIX MOMENT – An Inescapable Global Event Is Close At Hand – 1-1-19 – by State of the Nation

A Phoenix Moment can transpire at any time


*** The Esoteric Meaning of the PHOENIX ***

“Also known as the legendary Firebird, the PHOENIX is a mythological and metaphorical harbinger foretold by many of the ancient civilizations. From time immemorial, this winged messenger has represented what all the cultures of antiquity knew about the cyclical ending of the ages. Especially at the end of the present Kali Yuga, because of the turbulent, tumultuous and tempestuous transition to the Golden Age, is this apocalyptic allegory more relevant than ever.  For a Golden Age can only emerge from the ashes of the present era — the Iron Age (a.k.a. the Kali Yuga) — just as the Phoenix is reborn from its own funeral pyre after self-immolating at the end of its life cycle.”

(Source: The FINAL SHIFT Fast Approaches)

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Who in the world of men would not agree that things are now completely out of control [seemingly] on planet Earth?

It’s as though this 3D space-time continuum has gone on the fritz because its own “morphogenetic field” has been scrambled.

One of the key advisors to the Cosmic Convergence Research Group ardently claims that we as a planetary civilization really are in total chaos, not the usual manufactured chaos of “Ordo ab chao” by the Illuminati.

If that is so, what does it mean for humankind?

The Phoenix Moment

What it really means is that the current tract of humanity is racing headlong toward the long prophesied Phoenix Moment.  That defining moment has been predicted for millennia for very good reason.

It’s been foretold that humanity would enter an extremely tumultuous period that would look like the mass of humanity is in a race to the bottom.  This is occurring because a critical mass of young unevolved souls who are easily manipulated by the Global Control Matrix.

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