Sandra Walter – Sacred Gateway – Solstice, Full Moon – 23-30-28

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds

Here we glow! Hold the LoveLight HIGH as we experience this Sacred Gateway ~ Solstice and Full Moon energies are stepping up as these alignments come into play. Wave dreams, tsunami dreams, quake visions may increase.

Remember we are built to be the calm in the storm, and influence the energies and their effects. A core magnetic shift is imminent; the launch of a new level of Light.

Hold the Light, the Joy, the Peace high and bright; expect the miraculous. Visualize a smooth transition – use your New Earth Now visions to assist Gaia in revealing the ascended realms.

This is why we practice Peace, harmony, and Ascension every SUNday as ONE: Breathe, focus, influence personal and collective higher timelines by FEELing and creating it in the Now.


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