Aluna Ash Clairvoyant-9D – The Event, Pole Shift, 4D/5D Magnetic Sun 2021, Collective Awakening

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Dec 2, 2018

I mentioned stuff about this on Patreon recently so some already heard about this… but I feel extremely confident about this based off of the information that I’ve been getting Clairvoyantly and downloads of information over the last 4-5 years. I most definitely believe that systems will transition completely either by 2021 or not long after… 2022 looks beautiful at least from how I was shown. It’s so important for people to start planting there seeds in clearing unconscious programs from their old Paradigm right now and I talk about this more in The December Astrology & galactic cycles video im uploading because you have the ability to have a completely new life- new reality VERY VERY SOON, just stay focused on your highest reality. I’ve talked about three suns in the past: 3D sun is electric consciousness- masculine 4D sun is transition 4D/5D sun is magnetic-consciousness- feminine. We are going to a new sun by 2021. 2021 is the full transition. The last phase of this transition begins July of 2019 as we enter the new galactic year of the divine feminine. from now and even more so as we get closer to the new galactic year in July 2019- which would be the 13 Moon, which would be Christ consciousness gateway/13th gate, people will be Awakening to their unconscious patterns.. if they haven’t already. The whole Paradigm of the third dimension will be changed. The sun going from one charge to another- electric to magnetic just like our poles on earth, this creates pole shift. We are shifting with the sun from the inside out, as the sun is turning inside out as well. Still finishing up the astrology video for December.. (I can only make these videos during during certain times because I have work that I do during certain hrs and a child + 3D life) but itll be up soon! The December channeled messages for each zodiac sign will be up on this week (prerecorded just need to upload) Thank you to everyone that has reached out about working with me doing emails, I appreciate it so much! I haven’t been able to respond to everyone that has reached out so I just wanted to send a thank you and let you guys know how grateful I am. I’m Grateful for this entire family here on this channel! Love you guys.. I have never really had a “family” and you guys have become that for me🤗❤❤❤ ..even my spies just here for the info☺ I Love you & I am grateful your keeps spirit bringing your back here. © Copyright. Aluna Ash


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