Aluna Ash-9D – Something Huge Is About To Happen! – 11-15-18 11/15

Aluna Ash- 9D

Something HUGE is coming. I dont know how to describe what im seeing and picking up on completely. Its different. They want to hide it. I also saw darkness during the day, could be symbolic. Waves of energy are coming like weve never experienced The beginning of New Earth collective shifting to 4th density, 13 20 natural timing frequency or Leela More of the collective is moving into the higher vibrational collective timeline through the unconscious becoming conscious There may be distractions and talk about war through media and news- its all fake, planned, staged to harvest energy. To try and keep people in duality, which is the 3D system, so they’re not tuning into the higher timeline in these higher frequencies. Focus on west pacific ocean off west coast US. And Europe. Volcanic activity increasing due to energy shifting

Twinflame Alchemy Union Process 11/16


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